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About me

Years of


Hello, I'm Mohammad Javad, an experienced Game Artist with a proven track record in the entertainment industry since 2015. My expertise lies in character design, Conceptual Art, and Digital Art. I am well-versed in both Game design and programming, having received education from the Iran Game Development Institute (IRGDI). I leverage my academic background in psychology to enhance my artistic abilities and collaborate effectively within teams.

Why Me ?

Passionate & Determined

I am one with the force and I 💛 everything about my job, including the challenges! To improve, you have to endeavor !

On Time!, Deadlines love me!

I always preferred to deliver even before the deadlines, Because I had been on the other side of the story and love the people who are on time!

Backed By 1000+ hours of studies.

In order to create a better version of myself and become a good artist, I vowed to never stop studying even for a day.

A Psychology background

Since I studied Counseling Psychology at University, I have a good understanding of humans and try to take advantage of my Field of study.

Beyond perception!

When I am a part of a team, I don't consider myself as an employee and go beyond the boundaries and try to help in every possible department. When a project wins, We all win!

Always with a plan!

In order to follow all the other facts about myself, I needed to become a coordinated person, But I never believed in a Plan B because always tried to make Plan A work as it should!

Skills Breakdown

Character Design

Enviroment Design

Adobe Photoshop

Pixel Art

Aesprite | Marmoset Hexels

3D | Blender

Writing | Lore creation

Color Theory




Presentation Skills

2D Animation

Procreate Dreams


ClipStudio Paint

Active & Past Job Experiences
Beginning - Sep 2020

In the challenging environment surrounding my home country, pursuing the games I loved with specific styles seemed nearly impossible. However, I chose to defy the odds. Faced with a lack of creations that resonated with my passion, I embarked on a journey to cultivate a movement and an idea synonymous with boundless creativity. Thus, Armazda was born. Over the years, our team has brought several game projects, apps, and ideas to fruition, each a testament to our dedication and pride.

Until Now

Throughout the three-year journey with Armazda, I steered our course with unwavering resolve, crafting notable creations such as Project SkarletCross and Project Garmada. However, like all budding startups, Armazda demanded adept leadership and astute management to navigate the myriad challenges it faced, spanning financial intricacies to seamless communication. In rising to the occasion, I assumed this mantle with prowess, orchestrating our path to victory through strategic acumen and deft problem-solving.

Beginning - Year 2010

I studied Counseling Psychology at The Farhangian University Of Tehran, Rey Branch. As one of Tehran's top universities, I gained extensive knowledge in Technical Psychology concepts and honed my skills in teaching, PR, and various other areas throughout my four-year bachelor's degree program.

Until Now

Having experience in both Art and Game Development, alongside my decade-long role as a school counselor, has equipped me with invaluable skills. Working closely with children and teens over the years has provided insights into their interactions with games and how artists can enhance appeal. This unique perspective enriches my approach to both art and game development.

Beginning - Nov 2020

After launching our inaugural indie game, I faced the stark realities of marketing and audience engagement. Determined to seize control, I delved into research to uncover the most effective methods for building communities around our future games and projects. Thus, the concept of was born, marking the beginning of an illustrious journey.

Until - April 2024

Initially, it all started with a shop stocked with artistic materials, where everything was crafted in-house. The joy of creating and selling crafts was undeniable. As years passed, our team expanded, and we ventured into projects like Palantir. These initiatives eventually culminated in our in-house marketing platform, Nerdvana. Even now, Nerdvana continues to flourish. However, I've transitioned into a role focused on foresight and management, allowing me to devote more time to my artwork.

Beginning - Oct 2020

Collaborating as a remote concept artist with a highly skilled team of artists and game designers based in Tabriz, Iran, was an invaluable experience during the formation of Armazda. Beyond the acquisition of new expertise and skills, what truly enriched my journey was the opportunity for networking and forging meaningful connections. Among these connections, I had the pleasure of meeting my dear friend Alireza Zamani, a remarkably talented game designer within the team.

Until - Feb 2022

Throughout my tenure with the teams, I had the privilege of engaging in numerous brainstorming sessions and witnessing the birth of incredible projects. While some of these initiatives ultimately faltered, I found profound value in each failure, as they imparted invaluable lessons that I deeply appreciated.

Beginning - Feb 2022

When presented with an opportunity to learn new skills, I dive in headfirst, eager to adapt to new situations. In this instance, HYH Studios, a renowned animation studio in Iran, invited me to join them as a short-term intern for their exciting animation series, "Hali Band."

Until - April 2022

There were numerous challenges and new experiences for me to absorb. One of them was adapting to a studio environment with over 50 people, learning effective communication and understanding team dynamics. Another challenge was realizing my shortcomings in anatomy. During my short stay, I made the most of it by connecting with some of the best artists and animators in the industry. After my internship at HYH Studios concluded, I dedicated several months to improving my anatomy skills, a focus that continues to this day.

Beginning - Mar 2019

Rubic Games holds a special place in my heart. What started as a digital game development dream evolved into the creation of two fully-fledged board games, 'Salamshorba' and 'YeQuolDouQol.' For me, this journey, alongside my dear friend and idol, Soheil Ahmadi, was an invaluable source of both wisdom and cherished memories.

Until - Feb 2022

The transition to working on board games and handling physical materials immersed me in the world of CMYK and color theory, providing a refreshing jolt akin to diving into a pool of cold water. Many of the lessons gleaned from that collaborative effort continue to shape my approach to this day.

Beginning - January 2012

The moment I realized I wanted to be involved in the game industry, I understood that the path ahead demanded skills, discipline, and passion. Thus, my journey began, delving into various fields and studying game design, programming, art, and even a bit of marketing to discover my true passion.

Until - Mar 2019

Working on numerous projects with both small and large teams taught me invaluable lessons in teamwork, punctuality, and the importance of deadlines. I even dedicated time to design my first game project, 'Project Kali,' and developed my first app for Windows Phone, which garnered over 150 positive reviews. However, at the end of the day, I chose art—specifically concept art—as my true passion, marking the beginning of my genuine journey in that direction.

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My Interests & Hobbies

Alan Watts




Alien Series

Sport Cars





Playing Violin




Video Games

Witcher Games




Content Creation


Mass Effect






Human Resources

SpongeBob SquarePants

Disney & Pixar









Florence + The machine